Making up for lost time with a sound retirement plan

Steve and Lee-Ann know that the path to retirement has many twists and turns. They found that having the right TD Wealth advisor to help answer their questions, even the ones they didn't know to ask, can help uncover new possibilities. Find out how personalized retirement planning helped this couple retire earlier and make up for lost time.

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When Karl was ready to move from his career into retirement, he wasn't sure he had enough to live comfortably while continuing to do the things that matter most to him. With the help of a TD Wealth advisor Karl was able to feel more financially secure and is now excited about what else is possible in his retirement years.

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Navigating complexities of life

As their lives got more complex, so did their finances. This can sometimes feel stressful and make you uncertain about your future. Getting the right support and financial advice can help you navigate forward.

TD Wealth helped Liz and Michael navigate the complexities of life and feel confident in their finances. They have been with the TD Bank Group since they were born. But as their finances became more complex, they trusted their TD Wealth team who helped make things easier as they built their financial future.

TD Wealth helped Liz and Michael navigate the complexities of life.

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Putting finances into perspective

As small business owners, Nick and Justina make a powerhouse team, supporting each other through ups and downs. As parents, they worry about how potential challenges with the business could impact their family’s future. Nick and Justina teamed up with their TD Wealth advisor to build a personalized financial plan. With a plan in place, they finally saw that achieving their family’s goals while maintaining the business was possible. Find out how the right financial advice helped give them a brighter view of life.

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Creating a Legacy

When Tim and Patty were faced with a life-altering event, their TD Wealth advisor helped them through the deeply personal aspects of legacy planning. Hear, in Tim's words, how their TD Wealth advisor took the time to understand their vision and helped establish a legacy in Patty's honour that will inspire students for years to come.

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Empowering Polly to achieve financial success

When Polly moved to Canada, she was determined to build a great life for her family. Years of hard work and resilience paved the way for success, but when faced with the unthinkable, Polly was left to start again, leaving her with feelings of uncertainty. Find out how with the help of her TD Wealth advisor and a personalized financial plan Polly was able to take charge of her family’s financial future

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Protecting what matters

When experiencing a difficult situation and looking for financial security, finding the right advisor can be a critical step toward making it easier. TD Wealth helped Lynn’s dad make sure everything was in place for when he was gone.

Lynn believes in the value of planning, as her father worked with TD Wealth to prepare his finances and plan for the future of his daughter, making a very difficult life experience easier.

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